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Villa Rental Asia is a small startup based in Singapore whose goal is to make it easier for people to find rentals in Asia. Traveling, whether it is for business or pleasure, takes a lot of planning. Finding good accommodation is one big item that’s difficult to tick off of the checklist for people, especially when visiting Asia. Many westerners have problems finding good places for rental in Asian countries. This is either because there aren’t any available on AirBnB in the city that people plan on visiting, there’s a language barrier or there are some local customs that people who are visiting a place aren’t aware of. That’s where Villa Rental Asia comes in to save the day. We are a young team of accommodation rental mediators of sorts. Each rental that we offer is documented in detail, for some high end villas we even used high quality drones to fly over the property in an effort to capture all the beauty that it has to offer. We basically try to make it easier for people from the western world find good rentals in places where it isn’t easy to do so.

The way it works is you get in touch with us, and we help you arrange the accommodation that you want with local renters. We have people in almost every country in Asia, ready to assist you. Despite our name, we help arrange all kinds of accommodation, from small cozy apartments to large villas. Only difference between the two is that most of our high end rentals are described in more detail, as I’ve already mentioned. There are detailed descriptions in English, lots of photographs and even aerial videos captured with best quality drones. We spared no expense in helping our guest get a better understanding of just what exactly our high end rentals have to offer. As I’ve already mentioned, we offer everything from short term vacation rentals and long stay business rentals close to Asia’s major business hubs.

Our services are commission based, and won’t add that much to the overall price of the accommodation that you are booking. Villa Rental Asia is headquartered in Singapore, but there are small branch offices all over Asia, especially China, which is basically our main market for business guests. Most popular holiday rentals that we have to offer include places like Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bali, etc. Contact us with confidence that you are getting the best possible service.

Obstacles to renting accommodation in Asia

Language barrier

Many places in Asia haven’t really embraced English as much as people think. In China for example, due to government restrictions in access to western media, most people aren’t all that familiar with English. In fact, if you visit places like AirBnB, you’ll notice that a good number of apartments listed in for example Shenzhen don’t even have proper English titles or descriptions. Names of the owners are even not in English, and contact is usually done in broken English either via text, or even worse, via phone. Some places are better when it comes to language, Hong Kong for example, while others are a complete mess when it comes to understanding locals.

No online listings

Another one of the common problems that people come across, especially business people who need to visit remote cities in countries like China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. is that there aren’t really AirBnB listings that you can browse and book. You need to go there without a booking and find accommodation once you are already there. This can end up being very stressful and I’m sure that most people would much rather know where it is that they are going, have a room waiting for them in other words. That’s where the Villa Rental Asia can come in and help out. Our local agents can locate good accommodation, and make a booking for you so that you can have it waiting for you once you arrive.

Possibility of scams

Vacation rental using websites like AirBnB isn’t that much regulated when it comes to North America and Europe, let alone Asia. Country like China don’t exactly have effective mechanisms in place in order to combat scams that are only out to get your money. Our little startup might be new, but each of us working here at Villa Rental Asia has had extensive experience renting accommodation throughout majority of countries in Asia. We know how to spot a scam, and if you are not sure that the apartment, house or villa that you’re about to rent is legit, you should contact us right away. We’ll check out the object that you are interesting in, contact the host and get back to you with our analysis of the location. For a higher fee, we can even visit the location for you, before your arrival, to make sure everything like the listing says and there won’t be any unpleasant surprises once you come to claim the key.

Knowing the local scene

Visiting countries and cities that aren’t popular tourist destinations is a good way how to discover new interesting places that are not “on the map”. By visiting those hidden gems, as we like to call them here at Villa Rental Asia, you have the advantage of enjoying in your vacation without large crowds, and you can have unique experiences on your vacation. However the problem is to find good accommodation in these types of places, because there isn’t usually that many places to rent available, and especially not available over the internet. We can help you arrange accommodation for you, so that when you arrive you have a place waiting for you.

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