Villa Rental Asia is a small startup company located in Singapore with a goal to act as a middleman for people looking to rent properties in Asia. Even though we have “villa rental” in our name, we offer a wide range of properties including apartments, cottages, houses, you name it. We have both vacation and business rentals that we are offering, depending on what your needs are.

Our company was founded because we saw the need for a mediator who is going to help people book rentals safely and without hassles in Asia. Some countries in Asia have proved to be a little bit more difficult to find accommodation. There are either problems with guests and hosts because of the language barrier, there’s the danger of scams, and in general people just not knowing the best local places where to book an apartment for them to stay.

If you choose to use our company, for a small fee, we will help you find the best possible accommodation for your price. We will make sure that everything is arranged with the host. Our agents are fluent in English and will help you find a vacation rental, be it an apartment, a house or a villa that is according to your needs. Also, we also offer a service of checking the accommodation that you’ve chosen for you. To make sure that everything is OK.

Hosts that want to promote their properties can also do that by choosing to add their listing to our directory. Please visit the add your listing page in order to do that. Visit our people page if you want to find out more about Villa Rental Asia page. In either case, get in touch if you want to use our services and find out more. We look forward to hearing from you.