Villa Rental Asia team consists of 20 core employees who are working in over 12 countries throughout Asia. Our company is headquartered in Singapore, and next to our core team of employees we also hire additional temp workers who handle work during busy periods.

Key people of the company include:

Flenn Burke – CEO

Flenn is an avid traveler from England who noticed the problems with vacation rental in Asia and decided to do something about it. He started Villa Rental Asia as a service to fellow travelers from all over the world who are looking to rent accommodation in Asia without having to deal with problems that foreigners in Asia usually have. Now he is looking into expanding the company and attracting new clients.

Mary Willems – media spokesperson

Mary is sort of like the second in command, but her main title is that of a media spokesperson. She handles communications with the media and also coordinates our representatives within the company. She’s the person you need to contact if you have any kind of problems with the Villa Rental Asia services. Also, she’s the one you need to win over if you want to add your listing to our company pages.

Asia Rental team – the true heroes

Rest of the team of Asia Rental Asia consists out of several dozens of what we call the true heroes of the company, our representatives who are active in over 12 countries in Asia who will actually help you out should you decide to use our services. They are young, fluent in English, most of them have teaching degrees, and are actually English teachers who decided for a career in hospitality instead. We can’t blame them, knowing how English teachers are treated in some countries. They will be there for you should you decide to use our services.


Our team is here for you if you decide to use our services. We are young, friendly, approachable and our fees are reasonable. What more do you need to get in touch with us and allow us to help you. Cheers.