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Today I thought we should take a look at the kind of problems that people looking to rent accommodation in China, Shenzhen more specifically, will inevitably come across. We will do this by taking a look at an AirBnB listing for a small cozy 1 bedroom apartment in this great city. With this example we hope to clarify a little bit just why exactly we think that our service might be needed.

Renting a small, cozy 1 bedroom apartment in Shenzhen

Example of your typical AirBnB listing for an apartment in Shenzhen can be seen on this link here. Problems that most people renting apartments like this come across can be noticed right away by looking at the listing title. It is in Chinese. Things get further complicated by looking at the description, which is also in Chinese. Now, there is an embedded translation offered by AirBnB, but those aren’t really that effective and can cause confusion when renting.

jeanvdmeulen / Pixabay

Check the reviews of the listing above, you’ll notice that it has 1 comment from a person who stayed there saying that the apartment is actually shared living space, and there were 4 other guests sharing the premises during the stay, quote:

The only minor gripe I have was that each room had 3 other roommates you had to share a room with. Not sure if the host had mentioned it or not.

And yeah, I’m sure that they did mention it, but this info probably got lost in the translation. That’s why we think that our service can come in handy to those people who are looking for a place to stay not just in China, but anywhere in Asia. We’ve got you covered. We speak fluent English and know the local markets, speak the language, know the people. Contact us with confidence that you are getting the best possible deal for your money and that you get the accommodation that you want.