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Today we’re going to be looking into rentals in Sri Lanka, more specifically in the Arugam Bay. That’s one of the most popular destinations where we operate and the Stay Golden cabanas have had a lot of positive feedback from previous guests. That’s why today we’re going to have a look at what this property has to offer exactly and why is it on our list of approved rentals for Sri Lanka vacation.

Stay Golden Cabana – Sri Lanka villa rental

Stay Golden Cabana isn’t a villa, let us get that clear right away. This is actually, like its name suggests, a cabana. Built in the traditional Sri Lanka fashion, Stay Golden cabanas have all wood structures and a simple decor. It’s the perfect combination for a relaxing vacation with a book.

Cabanas are located at the beach, and are near to beach restaurant and sunbeds for the guests can use. Arugam Bay is a beautiful spot for vacation. Back of the cabana is full of greenery while the front gives you view of the beach and the ocean. Just take a look at the photos posted above. To get full info on everything that Stay Golden cabanas have to offer, and to access the full set of pictures make sure to visit the Stay Golden AirBnB profile page. Like we already mentioned, the Stay Golden staff gets a huge thumbs up from us.